Cant Copy Text from Restricted Website? Here is the solution…

Since the beginning, the idea of having the internet was as a result of the need to share information freely.

Many websites put obstacles in front of users to prevent their ability to copy content of these sites, which are perceived by many users as a way disturbing prevent them from copying any word from the site, but  webmasters as to protect their positions of copies and re-deployed again. Knowing that it is trying to re-publish content will not need to use the manual process of copies, but depends on the software you are copying process automatically. Natural user who needs only the copying process for the exchange of knowledge and can not keep any copies of the content.

Personally, I would not advise any of my clients to implement these restrictions on their websites since it only gives your visitors a bad experience.


  • Print website to PDF (Ctrl + P) on you PC keyboard 

  • Using Proxy Sites. eg:

Allow Copy Text from Restricted Website ( this website removes copy restricted, to allow you to copy content from the  copy restricted site.

  • Disable JavaScript from the browser

  • Copy from website source code


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